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Gand, Bernardel, Caressa and Français Archive Collection

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The lute-making worshops Gand, Bernardel, Caressa and Français archives were digitized at the Museum of Music (Paris).

These archives detail the daily life of great French stringed-instrument makers from 1816 to 1944.

Successors to renowned luthier Nicolas Lupot, stringed-instrument makers Gand, Bernardel, Caressa and Français played a key role in French musical instrument making history - with quality productions and interventions on prestigious instruments (Amati, Stradivari, Guarneri, etc.).
Their archives - donated to the Museum of Music in 1981 - testify to their activities through accounts registers, letters and notes on instruments that went through their workshops. They hold precious information:

  • Instrument descriptions (violins, viols etc.)
  • Activities (constructions, repairs, maintenance etc.)
  • Networks (clients, suppliers etc.)

This archive collection - comprising extremely fragile documents - was digitized for safe-keeping and accessibility purposes. The project was supported by the Plan de Numérisation du Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (Digitization Plan by the Ministry of Culture and Communication).

Accessing the archives